Top Reader

Top-reader device

Top-Reader is a smartphone application that enables you to read all sorts of printed texts (mail, invoices, newspapers, books) by guiding you through the process of capturing a photo of the text, even if you cannot see it yourself. The software then reads the content to you at your convenience.

What does Top-Reader do?

If you have a suitable smartphone, Top-Reader will enable you to have almost any text read to you via the built-in speaker or earpiece of the phone. You can also save the document to be read again.

How does Top-Reader work?

Begin by moving your finger over the smartphone’s touch screen – Top-Reader will tell you which function you are positioned over. Then just double tap on the touch screen in the same area. You are guided by the built-in voice so that you can take the picture even if you cannot see the paper. You will be asked to tilt or move the device in the appropriate direction, or move in or out, so that the Top-Reader remains horizontal to the paper and in the optimum position.
Once the correct position is achieved, Top-Reader can take the photo and process the text. After a few seconds of processing time, the text is then read to you by a fluent voice.

Key Functions

  • Multi-lingual support – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch
  • Available for Android OS version 2.2 or higher with certain recommended hardware configurations (please contact us to discuss)

This brief video shows the features of Top-Reader. Click here to visit the Top-Reader website.
Please contact us for more information about Top-Reader.