Tactile Products

We sell a wide range of tactile paper-based materials to suit all needs – maps and atlases, colouring, learning and story books, greetings cards, educational and special needs resources and more. We can personalise them too!

In most cases, we can personalise your tactile products too – just ask us about personalised tactile products.

Our extensive range of standard tactile products can all be ordered from our online store.

Maps, Atlases and Historical Maps

Section of world map

We offer a wide range of tactile maps of various areas of the world. All maps are available individually in 11.5“ by 11” and include raised lines, textures and Braille labels. Keys are included where symbols and/or abbreviations have been used.

Tactile Colouring Books

Wax crayons

All children love to colour, and blind children are no exception. Until now, however, it was difficult to participate with their sighted peers. These Raised Line Coloring Books will meet their needs.
Each book contains ten raised line images. If you’d like one of your own design, ask us about bespoke colouring books.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Card

We have a wide variety of Greeting Cards for many occasions. These sturdy cards are 5“ by 7” (12.7cm x 17.8cm) and include a raised line graphic, with a greeting on the outside and a message on the inside – both of which are in print and braille.

Learning Books

Teddy bear with alphabet blocks

All of our children’s books include tactile images and are suitable for young children who are braille readers or learners. They offer the opportunity to begin the development of tactile reading skills, which are important in many areas of the school curriculum.

Each of our tactile books features raised line images, text and braille. Most children’s books are now available in either uncontracted or contracted Braille.

Livres en Français / Books in french

Many of the above books are available in a French language version. If you require a French version of one of the books and it is not listed, please ask us about bespoke translations.

Educational & Special Needs Products

Tactile products

Although the printing technique used in our tactile products was designed to aid the visually impaired, most products can also be used to teach children with other and multiple disabilities. All print letters and numbers are raised and can be touched as well as seen, and images are shown by raised lines and textures.

Tactile Calendars

Dandelion clocks

These month-to-a-view calendars have the month and year in both braille and print. A simple tactile image appropriate for the month is included with the grid which shows the days numbered in braille. Calendars can also be personalised with company branding or bespoke pictures converted to tactile images.

Diagrams, Charts and Bespoke Products

stylised chart

As well as offering a range of standard diagrams (for example, of the human body), we can produce tactile versions of your own diagrams, charts, illustrations, instructions, signage, workplace floorplans and more. Many of these can fulfil your legal obligations in the workplace.

You simply provide us with your existing document and we do the rest – find out more about bespoke tactile products.