Our Service

Our Service

At Valleys WordWorks, we operate in two different fields:

  • Multilingual Braille transcription in any language (we can translate to any language that has an existing Braille alphabet)
  • Tactile, raised-print production: we can take a print diagram, map or picture and render a tactile interpretation of it, so that it will not only be perceptible by hand and eye, but be comprehensible by someone who has never seen it visually.


We are often a vital link between you and your client and we know the importance of this. Business integrity and confidentiality are therefore guaranteed. You can be confident that sensitive documents and the privacy of your clients and employees are completely secure.

Personalised Service

Your needs and expectations are unique, which is why we tailor our service and advice accordingly. By offering a personal service in a timely and cost effective manner, we can achieve the results you need to fulfil your obligations.

We take great care in proof reading and quality control while still meeting your deadlines.

Ongoing and Repeat Business

We thrive on building ongoing relationships with our customers and also understand that many will require repeat business. Please contact us to enquire about volume and contract pricing for any of our services.