Introducing The Valleys WordWorks Blog

When my husband and I started Valleys WordWorks, almost a year ago now, we saw lots on the web about blog-hosting as an extra service you could get when you bought a domain through any number of web providers. We never saw the point and couldn’t figure out why a company whose aim was to translate into various languages would need a blog. If it was only to say:
“Today I translated two thousand words into Welsh, using Geiriadur yr Academi…” or:
“We had a rush job from English to French which required us to populate a server-based translation programme…” (though there is a lot we’d like to say about that style of translation.)
What would we do with a blog?
In the meantime, we realise we have some good stories to tell, some anecdotes and more important, good things about our company to share. For one thing, we began selling the Top-Braille (more about Top-Braille in my next post) and tactile graphics, which brought us into the world of blindness-related products.
So welcome to our blog … please read, … share your comments; and come visit our site.