eBooks and Audio

Audio CD

We can convert all kinds of documents, texts, tables, databases, PowerPoint® presentations, audio recordings, video subtitles, even your hand-written notes – into a vast array of formats*.

Increased Marketability for You!

What about making your user’s manual available for download from your website in an e-book or audio format? Should you wish, we can produce your translation in a downloadable e-book that your customers will be able to store and read on a Kindle™.

Free Ebooks and MP3 Recordings

As a courtesy to partially-sighted and blind customers who purchase Braille from us, we will add a copy of the document in e-book or mp3 format as required, free of charge.

There are so many digital formats available today that a comprehensive list is virtually impossible to make. Among many others, we can process .doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .pps, xls, pf, jpg, jpeg, .gif, .png, .psp, .raw, .html, .htm, .mp3, .m4a,.mov, .vid, .zip and .rar.