A Case for Braille: Invoices

Some of us are details people; some of us are not. Some people read insurance policies at 4 in the morning, others prefer not to do such things. Some of us read every line item of the invoices we pay and some … just sign on the dotted line. But whether you are a left-brain […]

Japanese Braille In Brief

So, how do you transcribe Braille into languages whose scripts are not letter-by-letter as we, who regularly communicate in English, know them? Let’s skip Cyrillic and Masoretic languages for the time being and leap right into East Asian scripts. Incomprehensible, right? Not necessarily! Once you work out which elements are important, in order to represent […]

Introducing The Valleys WordWorks Blog

When my husband and I started Valleys WordWorks, almost a year ago now, we saw lots on the web about blog-hosting as an extra service you could get when you bought a domain through any number of web providers. We never saw the point and couldn’t figure out why a company whose aim was to […]