How Chess and Chess Braille Can Level the Playing Field

The game of chess is both an ancient, exotic sport credited with teaching the art of war to sophisticated civilisations long before our own day; and a favourite way for primary-school teachers to fill in some time near the end of the year when energy is flagging and attention is waning. There are numerous health […]

Drawing Pins and databases and the Subject of Disabled Entrepreneurs

Earlier this month, I was having a conversation with an acquaintance, about how other businesspeople perceive me. How many people, I’m curious, are subject to the scrutiny of their colleagues and associates so openly and to such a degree. I have a theory about this, which may be controvertial, but seems to be true. The […]

Our New Website

I suppose a website overhaul is like moving house. You get to know the various pages, links and images featured on your company website because you’ve lived with them for years; and then suddenly you’re faced with what to keep and what to leave out, when confronted with the prospect of a new website. I […]

A Canadian in wales Takes a Whimsical Look at Trilingualism

Any Canadian, whichever side of the bi and Bi fence he/she falls on, is well aware of the issues facing a society with two official languages. People in Wales are familiar with the debate, as well. The Quiet Revolution and the rise of Cymdeithas yr Iaith happened simultaneously. Today, Arguments about the merits of a […]

“Is There Much Call for Services Like Yours?”

We were sitting in a translation agency, discussing how Braille could be an important offering for a company committed to diversity in communication. When the conversation turned to the breadth of the agency’s scope, the individual sitting to my right said that they recently had a call for an Italian-to-Turkish translation. There can’t be much […]

Japanese Braille In Brief

So, how do you transcribe Braille into languages whose scripts are not letter-by-letter as we, who regularly communicate in English, know them? Let’s skip Cyrillic and Masoretic languages for the time being and leap right into East Asian scripts. Incomprehensible, right? Not necessarily! Once you work out which elements are important, in order to represent […]

All Praise to the Humble Slate and Stylus!

Almost a year ago, when we started developing Valleys WordWorks, my husband and I decided we would promote Braille transcription as one of our specialities. Braille is an extremely under-valued reading medium but the only one which is entirely effective in allowing unfiltered access to information to non-print-reading blind people. Thirty years ago when computer […]

the Valleys WordWorks Podcast Introducing the Top-Braille

My First Attempt At Podcasting

Introducing The Valleys WordWorks Blog

When my husband and I started Valleys WordWorks, almost a year ago now, we saw lots on the web about blog-hosting as an extra service you could get when you bought a domain through any number of web providers. We never saw the point and couldn’t figure out why a company whose aim was to […]