Braille Business Cards

Everyone knows that a business card creates an instant impression of your company. A glossy, quarter-inch artifact with sleek rounded corners says: This company is prosperous! A no-nonsense white rectangle with VistaPrint in small type on the back says We’re making a go of it against the odds!

However, a Braille business card says more clearly than words: Our company cares about serving all facets of society; and has found creative ways of showing it!

Tactile Vision Graphics can produce your business cards in three styles:

  • Good old traditional, embossed Braille, 15p per card, minimum 100, (£15.00);
  • Beautiful, thermographed labels, 50c each, minimum 100, (£50.00);
  • Even more beautiful, premium, thermographed Braille direct on your business cards, £1 each, minimum 100, (£100.00).

Please talk to us 01443 828 815 about your specific requirements.