A Case For Braille: ◾Your company brochures, newsletters and catalogues

Companies today have many options for getting the word out about products. Obviously ou can update a web page, post to a Twitter feed, have an email subscription page for newsletter circulation, but nothing replaces a paper catalogue or example newsletter when you’re at a trade show, community fair or when customers call by your show room or shop front.
We don’t have any blind customers, you say. If they knew they could get material in Braille, you might. The cost for producing brochures and newsletters is relatively low, especially now with the initial file generated on computer.
We at Valleys WordWorks would take your file and transform it to suit the medium of Braille, or large print if you prefer. remember, not every vision-impaired customer reads Braille and not every one can read large print, either.
Even if you only have one copy of the 2014 catalogue, an example of your newsletter and a copy of the standard brochures you distribute in regular print, available in Braille and large print, you would find news travels fast and the publicity will be good.
And good publicity is good business.
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